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ASAM Six Dimensions

  • Acute Intoxication / Withdrawal Potential

  • Biomedical Conditions and Complications

  • Emotional, Behavioral, Cognitive Conditions and Complications

  • Behavioral or Cognitive Conditions and Complications

  • Readiness To Change, Continued Use or Problem Potential

  • Recovery Environment



Bluewater Management Systems was established in 1993 and has supplied quality software and management support to several health care facilities since that time.

In 1998 we began the development of what became BMCASE Case Management software. The design and detail requirements for this project where provided by many health care and counseling professionals throughout the life cycle giving the software a user friendly and comprehensive structure.

We have also provided project management, software design and programming, hardware and software RFP's and data conversions to a variety of consumer, manufacturing, transportation, mining and health care facilities over the last 30 years.

Some Of Our Clients

 Health Care

  • Hackettstown Regional Medical Center, NJ
  • Hunterdon Medical Center, NJ
  • FAI Data Inc., PA
  • Medcom Associates, PA
  • Capital Health Systems, NJ
  • Assessment Professionals, TX
  • Te Hauoro Runanga O Wairarapa Inc, New Zealand 
  • Vinland Center, MN
  • Emmanuel House, Salvation Army, CA
  • Pioneer Recovery Center, MN
  • Wellcome Manor Family Service, MN
  • Daviess County Sheriffs Department, IN
  • Perkins Counseling, MN
  • Matters In Hand, Victoria, Australia
  • Cree Nations Treatment Haven, Saskatchewan



  • Frederick Transport Ltd., ON
  • Blackstone Industrial Products, ON
  • Carborundum Ltd., ON
  • Coppley Apparel Group, ON
  • Contrans Corp, ON
  • Denison Mines Ltd., ON
  • Champion Roads Ltd., ON
  • Harvey Woods Ltd., ON
  • Marco Sales, ON
  • Bendix Homes Ltd., ON
  • Standard Tube Canada, ON
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